I am Maureen Fachinetti, born in Luxembourg and raised in Italy by French parents, I also have Italian and Polish roots. After graduating from IULM University in Milan, I gained considerable experience in the fashion field, immersed in the design environments of Dior, Hugo Boss and others in the top cities of the European fashion scene, Milan, Paris and London.

My passion for fashion is rooted in my childhood when I was a child and my grandparents had a small business where they made custom-made shirts by hand.

My childhood days flowed gently, surrounded by piles of fabric and paper patterns, as I played at measuring the world with my tape measure.

My Brand was born from continuous research, but most of all from thoroughness and care. I have always wanted my garments to be a lucky charm, capable of protecting and empowering the wearer.

That is why each garment carries a distinctive sign as a code of belonging to my universe. A universe made of harmony, quality, energy and connection with the world.

What moves me


Maureen is a sartorial project that combines air and earth. The same one I touched and breathed as a child living in the countryside.

The brand logo, represented by the head of a dandelion, indicates the lightness of a delicate and refined garment, symbolized by one of the seeds flying to infinity.

The seed also represents each individual customer, symbolizing the special care I have for customers and my willingness to share this experience with all of them. In addition, the dandelion grows in fields where there is no pollution this is related to the purity of my fabrics.

Quality before Quantity

My creations are a sensory embrace, a pampering, where quality must come first. Attention to detail is at the heart of my strategy.

I love to offer quality garments that satisfy people's desires.

I like that when you buy one of my garments, you also buy a way of life full of energy and all the good values I put into it.

I want to convey a unique, modern and refined style through a limited and exclusive number of products, the result of continuous research on fabrics and shapes.

Travel as a source of energy, inspiration and sharing

Fashion is a matter of geography. I love to travel. Every place I have visited is a source of new energy, useful for MY creations.

Each of My fashion garments carries with it paths of lived lives in the form of details and colors, but above all fabrics chosen directly in the place where they were produced.

What I seek is direct contact with the world. And on your side, I want you, by wearing one of My clothes, to be transported on a journey of your own, where you can touch, see, feel, hear all that the clothing is inspiring you.

Made in Italy, Open and connected to the world

All my garments are designed and produced in Italy and around the world.

Each fabric is carefully selected to combine "Made in Italy" with textures and patterns that come from foreign countries, as a symbol of union, connection between people and places, loyalty and sharing.

Bringing together different energies and meanings in one garment is for me something extraordinary.

Environment friendly

Recent climate changes require a style that, increasingly, not only respects the environment but is fully aware of weather changes. I often use discarded fabrics for my creations and am committed to using environmentally friendly solutions for my business.